Ocean Fresh Fish

Company Description

In 1983, Young Won Kim found Ocean Fresh Fish & Seafood Marketing in Los Angeles, CA. Working alongside his brother, Tony Kim, the brothers worked from the ground up, and achieved success by adhering to customer-based, moral and ethically innovative values.

Young’s Ocean Group philosophy centers around hard work and an eagerness to learn, which he believes fosters continual growth for his employees, customers, company, and industry.
The mission of Ocean Group, Inc. reflects Young’s journey as an entrepreneur. As such, Ocean Group strives to create an environment where both employees and customers can come together, prosper as one, and ultimately reach their respective goals.
Ocean Group, Inc. is well aware that we live in a society where food sanitation and methods for distribution can create problematic issues.  To ensure our customers that we only carry top-notch seafood merchandise, all our products and warehouse facilities are inspected by the FDA and Department of Health Services of the States on a regular basis. Further, to guarantee the safety of our products, Ocean Group, Inc. compiles Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP) rules and regulations.  This way, we are 100% sure that we will serve our customers with the finest fresh and frozen seafood products.
Ocean Group is headquartered at its first location, in Los Angeles, and has since established branch locations in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Dallas, Salt Lake City, and coming soon Phoenix. Ocean Group hopes and strives to bring beneficial impacts to the communities it serves, and the overarching seafood industry.
Ocean Group Inc. will be fresher, faster, and more competitive.  We always supply premium fresh and frozen seafood and stand ready to serve you.  We highly appreciate your continuous support and unchanged reliability.


Canned Food

  • Soup, Condensed, Dehydrated, Ready-To Serve, Frozen


  • Caviar
  • Fish, Canned
  • Fish, Fresh
  • Fish, Frozen
  • Fish, Pre-Portioned
  • Fish, Smoked
  • Seafood
  • Shellfish

Food & Beverage Distributor

  • Food & Beverage Distributor

Food Service Distributor

  • Country Club
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Retail

Frozen Food

  • Frozen Food, Uncooked

Specialty Foods

  • Ethnic Foods